Preeti Jain

The one who is freshness in the air and is always entangled in her hair…

Photo by Stephen Leonardi on Unsplash

Her eyes are full of cheer

She is someone who is very Dear

Loves me the way I am

But she herself is a real Gem

Looking at her face makes me realize

My miseries and sorrows are all that dies

Whether it is Diwali or a Christmas Eve

It is only the LOVE that we take and give

For I trust her blindly

So everybody else Please, listen kindly

She is mine and only mine

For the whole LIFETIME…..



We need YOU….

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Losing someone close to heart

Which you thought will never be apart

Life is challenging us everyday

Agony and agony every coming way

Shrunken bodies and dry faces

Weeping eyes over death spaces

Hopeless and helpless each hour

Together we pray to the Divine Power

To mercy LIFE upon earth

For we believe in Thy WORTH ……



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Always remember your worth

You are a King since birth

Though in the eyes of thy mother

But that should not bother

Face the hindrances the world ought to make

For not everyone gets a cherry on the cake

Stand firm till your death

Because you are a King since your first breath …..



Photo by KEEM IBARRA on Unsplash

For the extinguishing love

Is there anyone Above ?

I pray to Thee to shower

For we to blossom like a flower

To remain in peace and harmony

In a world full of grief and agony

Help us to get through

For we count upon You

So we surrender ourselves in Thy hands

Till we merge into the sands…..



Preeti Jain

Preeti Jain

Life Is Full Of Baby Steps 👣 Everything is beauty 🤩 live it , learn it , love it ❤️